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Gábor Ecker's Website


This is the list of websites that I created - either as a hobby project or to the request of others.

Active websites

I'm actively maintaining and updating these sites, at least occasionally.

(em) ecclesia

On 20th November 2006, I started developing the free Christian website editor (em) ecclesia. First, I thought about creating a downloadable system, but later, in December I rewrote it to be a centralized website, not requiring users to have space for a website beforehand. It was opened on 1st September 2007, and an article was published about it in the Magyar Kurír (the semi-official news site of the Hungarian Catholic Church) on 27th February 2008. Currently, it serves around 30-40 active websites.

Kör 99 Bt.

The website of the Kör 99 Szolgáltató és Építőipari Bt. (Kör 99 Service and Construction Ultd.)

St. King Stephen Parish

I created website of Tahitótfalu's Roman Catholic parish in April 2006 at and rewrote it in July 2008, but it was updated very rarely. When Father Attila Erdős was moved to Tahitótfalu, we closed the old site and opened a new, frequently updated one at in December 2014.

Little Sisters of Saint Francis

The website of the "Little Sisters of Saint Francis" Franciscan third-order sisters' congregation. It was opened at the beginning of 2007, and it's been continuously updated since then.

Sándor Szántó's website

The website of Sándor Szántó, painter and enamel artist from Tahitótfalu. The design of the site was created by Csaba Almássy.

Inactive websites

These sites aren't updated anymore.

Bagolylak blog

I started the Bagolylak blog (Owl's Cavity Blog) on 3rd May 2008, before the grammar school's final exams in order to keep the class together after the exams. The little activity that remains has moved to the Facebook group of the class.

Programozz környezettudatosan!

At the university, in the autumn of 2009, I took on the task of developing the 'Programozz környezettudatosan!' (Code Environmentally Friendly!) competition's website, which was organized by Attila Tihanyi. In the autumn of 2014, a new website was created, but the results of the previous years are still available on the old site.

Discontinued websites

These sites have been closed, they aren't available on the internet.

Szív Lelkiségi Központ

Sister Júlia Bozsó, the leader of Szív Lelkiségi Központ (Heart Spiritual Centre, a Catholic retreat house located in Tahitótfalu) asked me in November 2007 to create a new website for the centre, because the former editor couldn't maintain the previous site any longer. The new website was opened in the spring. At the beginning of 2013, the owner of the house, Jézus Szíve Társasága standardized the websites of their institutions, thus the old website was closed.

Brass Orchestra of Szentendre

The website was finished in October 2007, and was able to store the dates of rehearsals and send messages. In the end, it wasn't brought to use. It disappeared from the internet on 31st March 2010.

It was the website of the Edison band. After the band dissolved, the site was closed.


It was opened on 3rd March, 2006, and it operated for half a year with a continuously expanding Javascript collection. I made the last significant change on 5th November 2006, and since then, I only made small fixes. At the time, it was the largest Javascript collection in Hungary. As I started developing (em) ecclesia around the same time and I couldn't take on two large projects, I discarded the less important and successful one. It disappeared from the internet on 31st March 2010, because of the transformation of, its free hosting provider.

Tudod-e vetélkedő

I started the Tudod-e vetélkedő (Do-You-Know Quiz) in 2002 in the Mihály Pollack Primary and Music School, and it ran until 2005. I thought about bringing it online and making it available only to the students of the school. The website was created, but the quiz wasn't restarted. It disappeared from the internet on 31st March 2010.